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Keeping chickens healthy

keeping chickens healthy, chicken run

Keeping chickens healthy is not at all a difficult task, but there are some important basics to remember. If you keep these few things in mind, your chickens are sure to lead long, happy lives – and even better yet, their egg production will be more reliable! Diet and exercise. With how much you’ve heard […]

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Keeping chickens cool in the Summer: Tips to beat the heat

keeping chickens cool, keeping chickens cool in the summer, diy chicken waterer

Keeping chickens cool in the heat of the Summer is an important thing to understand how to do, especially while we’re experiencing record-breaking highs and drought in some places. In this article, I’m going to discuss some quick and easy ways for you to help your chickens beat the heat, so that you can continue […]

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3 Simple Ways to Start Raising Chickens Like a Pro

chicken care, raising chickens, bantam chickens, bantam chicken

Feeling nervous about starting your flock? Raising chickens may seem like hard work, but chicken care can be a breeze if you play your cards right! 1. Get organized and create a daily Chicken Care routine. You can find a basic outline here for basic chicken care, including some planning in advance, in addition to […]

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Raising Baby Chicks 101: Everything you need

raising baby chicks, raising chickens, baby chicks, how to raise baby chicks

If you’re looking for a special bond with your birds, there’s no better way to do that than to raise your Chickens from as young as possible, and many are readily available as young as a day old! Raising baby chicks is fun, rewarding, and an excellent educational experience for all ages, but to do it […]

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Chicken Care: What is an ideal Chicken Care Schedule?

chicken coop, chicken care

Chickens are remarkably low-maintenance pets that don’t ask for much, and Bantam Chicken upkeep demands even less by nearly cutting the space requirements in half! Read on to learn a simple, easy Chicken care and maintenance schedule with important, easy-to-remember essentials to ensure a happy and healthy flock for many years to come! Daily requirements […]

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