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Thіngѕ tо Knоw Bеfоrе Buіldіng A Bасkyаrd Chісkеn Cоор

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Buіldіng а bасkуаrd сhісkеn соор is a fun, educational experience that can even be easy if you do your homework!  Before you get to work, here аrе a few precautions and tips to consider when planning the design and placement, as well as some suggestions for furnishings to incorporate into your chicken habitat. Planning the […]

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Is a chicken run a good option?

Chicken run, chicken coop, chicken habitat

In this article, we’ll discuss if a chicken run is really a good option or not. Like every pet, Chickens need exercise, stimulation, and time out in the sunshine. Permitting your chickens to roam around without protection from predators may be fine with some supervision, but you need a solution for when you’re not around. A […]

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What is the Best Chicken Habitat?

Best Chicken Coop, hen house

​What’s the best chicken habitat? This is an ever-growing list of the best chicken coops purchased and reviewed by chicken lovers everywhere. Having the reviews is very helpful in deciding which manufactured coop will be best for your chickens. The best part is you won’t have to build one yourself. With these chicken coops, you may have […]

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