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3 Simple Ways to Start Raising Chickens Like a Pro

Feeling nervous about starting your flock? Raising chickens may seem like hard work, but chicken care can be a breeze if you play your cards right!

1. Get organized and create a daily Chicken Care routine.

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Setting the chickens loose to forage is a great way to begin your chicken care routine.

You can find a basic outline here for basic chicken care, including some planning in advance, in addition to how and when to clean a coop.

If you do not have a large enclosed chicken run with grass, set aside a time every morning to let the hens out to free range. This is best to do as your FIRST morning task, followed closely by checking feeders and waterers, so that the hens are out of your way and happily pecking at the grass while you’re working – and perhaps supervised a bit more, at least from the corner of your eye.

Eggs can last without spoiling for as long as a whopping 12 days, but egg collection should be done as close to daily as possible to prevent from attracting egg-eating pests.

Hens do not always lay eggs early in the morning, and usually need to stretch their legs for a while and soak up some sunshine first. Chickens seem to like to have a little bit of “me-time” before they get to work – don’t we all?

Plan a specific time in the afternoon before the hottest hour of the day to go out and collect eggs, perhaps just before herding them all back into the coop, being sure to check all of the waterers while you’re out.

 If you have children, consider creating a chore chart to assign specific jobs to each child, and if the chickens are primarily their pets rather than your own, have them take turns with different tasks to mix things up.

For example, have them alternate with who is responsible for the cleaning, and who is responsible for the egg collection, feeding, and watering.

2. After establishing your daily routine, be proactive and create a monthly chicken care schedule.

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Monthly tasks should include hosing off surfaces such as nest boxes, as well as roosting bars.

Plan ahead on the calendar when you’re going to clean your coop, marking at least one dedicated day per month for a deeper clean that includes completely raking out the bedding of the coop interior and nest boxes, as well as hosing off all surfaces that have droppings or mud.

3. Create your own sustainable, long-lasting DIY chicken feeder and/or DIY chicken waterer.

There’s a wide variety of simple DIY chicken feeder and waterer designs on a dime that are easy to make, and require only a few tools!

These are not only cost effective initially, but in the long run, too; for a variety of reasons:

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Similar designs to the bucket feeder can be made in smaller volumes by recycling old jugs and food canisters to feed baby chicks, too!


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